Motion since '03
Creative Director
Art Director

Motion since '03
Creative Director
Art Director
LA & NYC u

I've freelanced with nice studios like Buck, Hornet, Psyop and more since 2010.
I've directed commercials and branding packages for clients since 2012.

Sometimes with a rep, sometimes without.
I started PPL SEA studio, in 2017 as a space to run my directing projects.

Then launched it in fall 2019 as a studio proper.
Right before the economic mess of 2020

I like to balance directing & working on PPL SEA projects, and freelance in between.

Motion graphics freelancing, creative directing, art directing, pitch-winning, leading, figure-it-outing, @ studios & agencies.
Directing, vision pitching, client conferencing, budget bidding, schedule building, team scaling @PPL SEA.
Previously: LA art directing, broadcast- branding, 3d & 2d animating
@ Capacity
Illustration editorializing, cover & product artwork-ing with agencies, companies, magazines.
Motion graphics freelancing, art directing, creative directing
with friends @BUCK.