Upgrade & Mobilize

TV Ident

An ambitious anime short film from a motion graphics studio who didn't know any better!

@ Capacity
S  Art Director, story, development, design, animation, compositing & fx

A full on, motion graphics driven anime from the vaults that broke mograph internet for a month.


A short film I helped art direct while I was at Capacity. I arrived at the studio after initial discussions of overall premise had begun - it was to be about a guy and a girl preparing for a faceoff against a greater dark force, interspersed with Japanese & English type to drive the story graphically.

I started with fleshed out storyboards & color boards, much of which eventually ended up on the final short. While the rest of the team were working up character and type designs with CD Ellery Gave and the other AD Ted Gore, I worked on styleframes and the environments, and then eventually we joined up again and divided up the shots, trading them back and forth across the team while the scene layout, cameras, primary effects, character and type animation were worked up.

Picking back up

We had a working basic draft/previs version that was about 40-50% the way there before we got too busy on other projects, lost Ted to the freelancing world, and the project laid dormant for a few months.

Eventually I led the dive back in with CD Ellerey Gave, with the whole team at Capacity putting in some serious love and dedication. Apart from direction, I focused on leading the effects, cel animation (with Kenny Lutz) compositing and overall look.

Music & Plaid

We were listening to a lot of experimental electronic music from Warp Records at the time so we reached out to the legendary Plaid to come up with an inspired track that worked hand in hand with the video. (Their 2011 album Scintilli has a remix of this on it - "Upgrade"!)

Studio: Capacity
Creative Director: Ellerey Gave,
Art Directors: Ellerey Gave, Alex Mapar, Ted Gore

Designer Animators: Ellerey Gave, Alex Mapar, Benji Thiem, Mitsuka Thiem, Jonathan Larson, Kenny Lutz, Ted Gore, Aaron Schurman, Anais Hong

Soundtrack & Foley: Plaid
Additional Audio: Dave Hummel