Adult Swim    
Mostly 4 Millennials

TV Ident

20 Seconds of maximalist mayhem to promote [AS] & Eric Andre’s new absurdist show.

S  Director, illustrator, animator, sound (all the things!)

How do you promote and tease the craziest* show in the known universe? With the most absurd story, the most absurd animation, the most.. ... well actually the most FUN time we’ve had working on a video in a minute.

Director's treatment

Adult Swim loved it, Eric Andre and host Derrick Beckles loved it & we loved it. Even so, we didn't expect anyone to agree to this** pitch:︎
“In a moment of self reflection, our millennial hero looks within - spiritually ‘unboxing’ himself to find out what makes him trully ‘happy’. The answer reveals what matters most to all millennials (us included) - a deep connection to the universe: Wi-Fi.            
... Which promptly drops out.            
Spiritual connection lost!?.. 404 error? This can’t be! With the entitled fury and vengeance of a thousand single child millennial sons he throws the ultimate tantrum to end the world itself. Society is cancelled for the injustice he has felt.            
... Time has passed, and from the post apocalyptic ashes of his anger arises our hero - newly woke to realize his path. Calling on his BFF (best falcon friend) the Millennial Falcon to join him, the pair set out on a vision quest to find the secret of the lost Wifi and regain their connection to happiness.

[AS]” .
*Yes it's Eric Andre's show, so google at your own risk!
** Yes we had a safer alt, but AS is cool like that g
Client:  Adult Swim        

Production Company:  PPL Sea        
Direction, Design, Animation, Sound:  Alex Mapar        

Producer:  Mandana Mapar        
Special thanks:  Saiman Chow