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Leading the video that was copied across hundreds of flat 2d character animation driven explainers in the 2010s (sorry!)

@ Buck
S  Art Director, concept, storyboards, design & animation

The first time @Buck brought on a freelance Art Director!

A 1:37 narrative driven, cel animation laden spot that I Art and Animation Directed at Buck in 2012. Made before character animated explainers were even a thing!

Often imitated never duplicated, this is the one that launched a thousand copycats with character animation heavy explainer videos. Here's my favorite, almost verbatim copy.

We didn't have any fancy character plugins back then either ;)
And that's why I keep it around on my folio.

Studio: Buck
Directed by Buck
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Creative Direction: Thomas Schmid

Art Director: Alex Mapar
Producer: Katie Boote

Design: Thomas Schmid, Alex Mapar, Laura Alejo
Justin Fines, Gareth O'Brien, Stephen Kelleher,

Animation Lead: Alex Mapar
2D Animation: Daniel Oeffinger, Chad Colby, Kyle Strope, Aaron Kemnitzer, Waleed Zaiter
Cell Animation: Thomas Schmid, Tristan Balos, Ryan Frost, Ben Conkin, Kyle Mowat, Sean Lattrell

3D Animation: Arvid Volz, Tingting Li