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TV Ident

Global branding development and a non-explainer explainer, that did moball before moball was a thing.

@ As PPL Sea For Shopify
S  Director, storyboards, designer, animator, look development.

Shopify graciously invited me to direct the Unite conference event film to celebrate their revolutionary new buy button tech & set the tone for their global brand.
It was such a success that they continued to use it as their inaugural anthem spot!

Tone & texture

There was way too much to design solo on this , so to help I brought in my good friends and design juggernauts Stephen Kelleher and Raul Burgos and divided the work up between us.

Stephen focused on the dots, the buildings and the interfaces while Raul tended to the people and plants.

I did the cat and cart scenes, the coloring and the texturing and then spent the rest of my time stepping back in to help guide, develop, balance, and then finish all the frames out.

Animation & sound

Animation wise we had Daniel Luna and Matt Greenwood helping with the animation work in much the same way. Matt eventually focused more on the colored dots and textures while Daniel and I wrapped up animation. I went in and gave everything a last finishing/balancing pass & grade to wrap.

For sound and music, We had the immense luck of being able to work with legendary Jim Guthrie as well. Consummate professional who nailed every bit of direction and revision I threw at him & my new favorite music man!
Shopify. Vinny Verma, Alexandra Middleton, Michael Welfle

Director: Alex Mapar
Assistant coordinator: Mandana Mapar

Storyboards: Alex Mapar
Design: Alex Mapar, Stephen Kelleher, Raul Burgos
Animation: Alex Mapar, Daniel Luna, Matt Greenwood,
Look development: Matt Greenwood, Alex Mapar.
Music & Sound Design: Jim Guthrie