NBC '09-'12

TV Ident

The biggest rebrand for NBC over the last 20 years.

@   Capacity
For NBC Universal
S  Art Director, DOP, Design & Animation

A rebrand that I'm still proud of. This is almost ground zero for the clean, friendly 2d trend that that hit everyone over the last 10 years. We managed to declutter, de-glitter, and de-crap the visuals on free to air tv for most the country.

After a series of serious and laborious 3d jobs, we wanted to approach this project with playful simplicity.

This project was seen over a *trillion* times around the world.
At the very least, it helped shift modern tastes towards this style of flat 2d. At launch, the motion graphics community thought the style overall was *too* simple. We've come a long way since then!
The video above contains an overall taste of the rebrand in a montage with endtags, bumpers, night openers, lower thirds and other supporting elements.

Later on, it was named in the Boards Mag Best Rebrands of the Decade
Studio: Capacity
Creative Director: Ellerey Gave,
Art Directors: Ellerey Gave, Alex Mapar

Directors of Photography: Alex Mapar & Benji Thiem

Designer Animators: Ellerey Gave, Alex Mapar, Benji Thiem, Mitsuka Thiem, Jonathan Larson, Kenny Lutz, Kris Schumowski, Richie Sandow, Miguel Lee, Jon Anderson

Montage Edit: Benji Thiem
Audio: Dave Hummel, after Aphex Twin