Google Exoplanets

TV Ident

A docushort about a student who finds new planets with a dying telescope.

@   Buck
For Google Creative Lab
S  Development Lead, storyboards, design, animation & 3d AD.

Animated visuals for a 3 minute docushort for Google Creative Labs. Ticking all the space and telescope boxes dear to this nerd's heart!

Spectrums, refractions & weird space

I led the concept development, story, design and animation exploration stage for the first 3rd of the project.

It all began with a much more expressive and graphic style that linked to the science of spectrums and refractions as well as the sense of wonder in the script.

A change towards more live action

The Creative Labs team continued to revise the script heavily as live action directors were shopped around. The tone of the film then quickly began to change towards a documentary with accents of animation, rather than the other way around.

The film would ultimately become 1/5th animation, but we navigated the shift with finesse.
Once the live action film was edited, we designed and animated the 3d & fx heavy shots.
This project just felt so good. I'm avid space nerd and amateur astrophotographer.
Especially loved the comments on youtube!
Client:  Google Creative Labs

Production Company:  Buck
Creative Director:  Jon Gorman

Development lead: Alex Mapar
Development: Yker Moreno, Ricardo Villavicencio

Storyboards: Jon Gorman, Alex Mapar
Design:  Alex Mapar, Yker Moreno, Jon Gorman, Ben Hill
Animation:  Alex Mapar, Ben Hill, Jon Gorman, Kavan Magsoodi, Alec Burns
Producer:  Billy Mack