Pepsi Black

TV Ident

Boundary pushing liquid fx global branding & campaign.

@ Buck
For Pepsi
S  CD, concept development, design, animation.

An ambitious client and me going wild with ideas that edged on the physically impossible. What could go right? Everything.

I led the creative development phase for this the concept & tone, lead, and storyboard the shots as the project got off the ground.

The goal was lofty - Pepsi would only accept new ways of seeing liquids. As in, never been done, thought of or seen before. The visuals had to be expressive, brand changing and connect to the consumer base.

We set out to do everything in camera, with slow motion wizard Steve Geralt aboard to patiently humor my out there ideas on what we would do, and how we might be able to engineer it on set.
Many ideas, ecstatic client presentations, storyboards, diagrams, designs and motion tests were made before I passed the baton to the team for the shoots.
The project took close to another 9 months to finish, with endless variations of type and graphics added in by a talented team at Buck.
Proudly, most of my development creative remained intact through the end!

Some of that development

Client: Pepsi

Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Creative Directors: Alex Mapar, Thomas Schmid, Ben Langsfeld, Yker Moreno

Producer: Kevin Hall
Production Coordinator: Jenny Morris

Storyboards: Alex Mapar, Federico Reano
Design: Alex Mapar, Federico Reano, Ben Langsfeld, Yker Moreno, Rasmus Bak, Vero Gomez
Editor: Peter Brandi
Previs: Alex Mapar, Pete Hamilton, Anton Tokar, John Karian
Animation: Federico Reano, Alex Perry, Gavin Shapiro, Gonzalo Menevichian, Hogan Williams, Jordan Scott, Vero Gomez
Simulation: Chris Ribar
Lighting/Shading: Chris Phillips
Composite: Chimin Yang, Jose Fuentes
Colorist: Jose Fuentes

Original Music & Sound Design: Antfood

Live Action Director: Steve Giralt
Live Action Producer: Halie Graham, Amita Starosielski
Food Stylist: Jen Beauchesne
Food Stylist Assistant: Sami Ginsberg
Prop Stylist: Paola Andrea
Motion Control Operator: Steve Giralt
Live Action Director: Jerry Andrews
Motion Control Assistant: Tomoya D
IT: Dan Gottesman
Assistant Camera: Cole Slutzky
1st assistant: Will Kelly
2nd assistant: Dominick Mull
Special Effects Supervisor: Matthew Huber, Shadi Best