Google Taste Tests

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Leading concept & creation of 50+ pieces of irreverent 3d, 2d and stop motion.

@ PPL Sea, partnering with Slanted Studios
For Google Android
S  CD, concept development, design, animation, compositing.

50+ multidisciplinary pieces for an interactive platform that helps personalize your Android.

PPL Sea partnered with Slanted Studios to direct and help produce this irreverent, sprawling, multi disciplinary series of 50 videos for Google's #myAndroid campaign with Droga 5.

Our videos editorialized and compared options for the ultimate taste test quiz on steroids. Based on the user’s choices, the platform generates a list of Andoid widgets, launchers, wallpapers, icons, and keyboards to suit their tastes.
Always fun, a little witty and sometimes silly, the visuals were designed to keep the users engaged and surprised. Users are urged to “Tap first, think later.”

Sports, Weather, News or Music?

Fast Company called it the “quiz to make your Android phone more palatable“ which we think sums it up nicely.

Work, Communication, Gaming, or Everything?

Fast Company called it the “quiz to make your Android phone more palatable“ which we think sums it up nicely.

More info quickly, A cool look, or something different

A fun production, great team, a very happy Google, and an amazing splash launch at SxSW to round it out! g
#myAndroid: Taste Test Campaign

Client: Droga 5 / Google
Senior Interactive Producer: Ryan McGrath
Producer: Alyssa Cashman

Production Company: Slanted Studios

Creative Director: Alex Mapar/PPL Sea
Producer: Jennifer Vance

Concept Development: Alex Mapar, Ana Kim, Jennifer Vance
Storyboard & Design Layouts: Alex Mapar, Ana Kim

Design: Alex Mapar, Ana Kim, Terra Henderson, Claire Kho, Dennis Moore
3D Modeling: Alex Mapar, Terra Henderson
Lighting: Alex Mapar
Animation: Alex Mapar, Terra Hamilton, Ana Kim, Dennis Moore, Stephanie Swart

Stop-Motion Art Director: Ana Kim, Alex Mapar
Stop-Motion Animation: Ana Kim, Anthony Galante, Matt Christensen, Alex Mapar
Fabrication: Junko Shimizu, Ana Kim, Anthony Galante, Matt Christensen, Kelsey Brewer

Compositing: Alex Mapar, Ana Kim, Stephanie Swart, Terra Henderson

Special Thanks: Charlie Whitney, Manny Higa Fox