Google Exoplanets

TV Ident

For a docu-short about a space telescope that broke.

@   Buck
For Google Creative Lab
S  Development Lead, storyboards, design, animation & 3d AD.

The dream project and brief: Science, but make it look cool g
Big blue sky creative thinking for Google Creative!

"This is the story of the student who became a planet hunter.

When Anne Dattilo attended a guest lecture at the University of Texas she had no idea it would be the start of a journey involving complex algorithms, a space telescope breaking down in orbit, a trip to an observatory in the Chihuahuan desert and, finally, the discovery of two new planets."

Spectrums, refractions & weird space

I led the concept development, story, design and animation exploration.

It began with a graphic style that linked to the science of spectrums and refractions as well as the sense of wonder in the script.

A change towards more live action

The Creative Labs team continued to revise the script heavily as live action directors were shopped around. The tone of the film then quickly began to change towards a documentary with accents of animation, rather than the other way around.

The film would ultimately become 1/5th animation, but we navigated the shift with finesse.
Client:  Google Creative Labs

Production Company:  Buck

Development lead: Alex Mapar
Development: Yker Moreno, Ricardo Villavicencio

Storyboards: Jon Gorman, Alex Mapar
Design:  Alex Mapar, Yker Moreno, Jon Gorman, Ben Hill
Animation:  Alex Mapar, Ben Hill, Jon Gorman, Kavan Magsoodi, Alec Burns
Producer:  Billy Mack